Siding Contractor Katy, TX

Katy’s Best Roofing & Siding Services is one of the most recognized and awarded roofing and siding contractors in the Katy area. For many years, our crew of highly qualified professionals has provided the residents of this region with quality, efficiency and excellence in siding repair, siding installation, waterproofing,  and several other residential and commercial installations.

Who you choose to install your siding is crucial. You need a contractor who understands the importance of the exterior of your house on several levels. That is why we are your Katy siding contractor. With years of experience and many satisfied clients in the area, we know what matters to you most when it comes to siding. From helping you choose the type of siding to matching the color of your home, we will ensure your house’s siding installation is a smooth process. We use quality and durable materials to ensure your investment will be protected for many years. Give us a call today and find out for yourself.

Siding is the face your home shows. New siding can refresh an old house, dramatically enhancing its curb appeal. Siding repair can let you change the color and look of your house and help improve its energy efficiency. Our experienced siding contractors have decades of experience installing a wide variety of siding alternatives.

At Katy’s Best Roofing & Siding Services we carry and install the highest quality vinyl siding products on the market today. Our professional siding contractors can help you select the best siding products for your property’s protection and curb appeal.

Why Choosing Your Siding Is Very Important

Choosing siding for your Katy house deserves careful consideration. Some sidings are better in windy conditions. Some sidings are good in dry climates, others in wetter climates. And still others, like vinyl, are good in all types of weather conditions.

Snow, rain, and frost are the moisture concerns. If snow, rain, or frost gets behind the siding, the moisture makes the wall sheathing soft, degrading the strength of the entire house frame.

Some of the common pests that may reside behind poor or inappropriate siding are carpenter ants, dust mites and termites. Dust mites are a common allergy concern. Termites and carpenter ants, as they eat away at the home, undermine the strength of a wooden frame.

Call our siding and roofing experts and they will advice you what would be the best siding type for your Katy home.