Have You Noticed Your Roof Is Sagging?

What Home and Business Owners Have to Know About Roof Repair

When your home has an older roof, roof repair is generally due to everyday weathering. However, there will always be a certain amount of work needed in order to maintain your roof, and if this is not done your roof could begin to deteriorate, thus allowing moisture and dirt to creep into your home. Should you live in an area which has regular hailstorms or high levels of industrial pollution, your roofing will deteriorate quicker. Another cause of rapid deterioration is continuous exposure to salt, like living close to the ocean.

Considering what caused the problem which led to repairs being made, the process will always be the same. You must remove the damaged area first, once this is done, you will only then be able to see the extent of the damage below. The roof deck is generally covered in felt. When your roof has only sustained damage to its shingles, these can be replaced easily.

However, when the damage is too severe, you may have to remove the felt and perform repairs to the decking too. Should you be unable to find any damaged areas, and still have moisture within your home, then look to your roof flashing. Flashing is a joint which is usually found around areas that have an elevation change, or where windows or dormers are. It is a common weak spot on every roof. Even when your flashing has been installed properly, water will still find a way behind it and gain access to your home.

The most important thing you need to bear in mind when repairing your roof is to always wait until the weather had let up. When the roofing issue is beyond your skills, then you need to call in a professional immediately.

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