Not Sure What the Best Shingles Would Be for Your House?

What Are the Different Kinds of Shingles a Roofing Service Works With?

Roofing shingles are now available in various styles and configurations, that will meet the need of both architects and homeowners that are looking for a durable roof which will also accent the building it is on. Also, depending on the style of the house, one kind of shingle could be more appropriate than another, which is why a professional roofing service will work closely with their clients in order to reach a decision regarding which shingles are more suitable.

In material, if a roof is part of a new build or being redone, roofing shingles can add to the beauty and value of any property. The most common type of roofing shingles are composition shingles, these are made using fiberglass and asphalt that are embedded with flecks of different colored minerals. In many cases, the base is made using more natural materials, should anyone be worried about fiberglass, so you will need to speak to your roofer beforehand.

Composition shingles are extremely popular with homeowners and roofers due to the fact they are inexpensive, and water and fire resistant, they are also available in various different colors. Common variations range from the likes of brown, gray, green, black and blue. They can be coordinated with a home or used to match neighboring roofs for a more even appearance.

Natural materials are used also to make shingles. The most common choices are cedar and slate. With both cases, the material of choice has to be milled and cut and needs more work to install. Slate and cedar do look more elegant, however, the difficulty of manufacture and installation will be reflected in the final price. These shingles come with advantages, as they are both naturally insect resistant, and slate is fire resistant too. Slate is less likely to give way when placed under extreme weight, such as a blanket of snow, mostly because this type of roof will need a more durable support system.

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