Most Common Hot Bituminous Roofing Problems

What to Watch Out For When Your Roof Is Affected

Unforeseen or obvious, roof problems are always a significant expense. This article is meant to inform you, the homeowner, about the most common roofing issues and the ways to avoid them.

1. Moisture and roof leaks.
If you have a leaking roof, then you obviously have a major problem. Although one of the most common issues, roof leaks are hard to fix and even harder to predict. Here is a list with some of the most common roofing installation problems that may cause leaks.
– Built-up roofs (BUR): This type of roof is prone to leaks if its details have not been properly fixed during installation. Leaks usually appear anywhere the membrane is interrupted or terminated.
– Hot bituminous roofs: If proper moisture barrier is not installed underneath coping caps on parapet walls, then most definitely, you will experience leaks at those spots.

2. Reduced wind uplift resistance, billowing and blow-offs.
If your roof wasn’t installed properly, you may experience even bigger problems than leaks. At the places where flashing is poorly attached, laps and open seams may appear, which will eventually lead to blow-offs and reduced puncture resistance. The use of inadequate number of fasteners and poor gravel embedment can also have similar consequences.

Wind uplift resistance is another important feature in roofing installations. The main factor that can cause reduced wind uplift resistance is “not cured adhesive”. This can happen if the seams are exposed to rain and wind, before they are properly cured.

3. Poor installation
A faulty installation increases the likelihood of problems and reduces the roof’s life expectancy. When you hire a roofing contractor, make sure you choose a reliable and experienced one. The most common problems usually appear due to improper installation, and most of the time because the area isn’t cleaned, dried and primed properly, prior to installation. Make sure the roofing company you hire takes these simple, yet highly important steps into consideration.

Material preparation is crucial in roofing installations. Let’s take torch-applied mod bit systems, for instance. If the sheets are not relaxed prior to installation, the quality of the final result is highly compromised. The roof may develop leaks even from the first months.

Lack of maintenance.
Inspections and proper repair services provided on a regular basis are the best ways to ensure your roof lasts for many years to come. Having your roofing system checked periodically gives you the guarantee that expensive repairs are avoided.

The best way to avoid roofing problems is by hiring a reliable contractor to inspect your roof. A true roofing contractor has the experience and knowledge, both necessary to predict roofing problems, way before they occur. This gives you time to perform the proper repairs and avoid major damage later on.

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